Mamma's Backyard Bird

Sara’s grandma, Waldine, affectionately known as “Mamma”, was born in 1932 in the boothill of Missouri. She was raised in a family of sharecroppers. Their nourishment came from livestock they raised and vegetables from the garden. Sara’s mom and her eight siblings were raised on the farm, harvesting crops throughout the year. Mamma fondly refers to these difficult but rewarding seasons as the “good ol’ days”. Their family primarily raised chickens and rabbits for meat. Some of Waldine’s most memorable dishes were chicken soup, fried chicken, and fried green tomatoes. Her chicken and dumplings are legendary. Whenever poultry was on the menu, Mamma would head to the backyard and grab a chicken. While not the same breed of chicken, our birds at Westfold Farm revive the rich history of Mamma’s Backyard Birds. Mamma approves!