True Bird Farm

Chicken Drumsticks


Drumsticks are $5/pound and are 4 to a package. Each 4 pack is 1.2-1.3 pounds.

White meat chicken gets a lot of attention, but the dark meat cuts like drumsticks pack more flavor and are easier to cook. All the foraging action of these birds means these drumsticks are getting worked regularly, contributing to darker drumsticks. Weather you smoke, fry, or bake them, these drumsticks are a solid match for any meal! 

These drumsticks come from chicken foraging on rangeland with certified organic feed, sunshine, and fresh air right here in the heart of Texas. The diversity of diet leads to a variety of high quality nutrients in the meat. Add to that the longer grow out time, and it is truly craft chicken with exceptional taste! 

"A chicken worth eating tastes like a chicken that had a life worth living" - Maryn McKenna, Big Chicken