True Bird Farm

Smoked Chicken Salad


Chicken salad is an all-time favorite. We take ours to the next level by smoking some of our impeccable chicken. Then, we mix it with our handmade mayonnaise (using eggs from our happy hens and avocado oil). We sprinkle in some diced jalapenos (not hot!), add Texas pecans, and a little tarragon. Voila! Epic chicken salad.

This smoked chicken salad is made from birds foraging on rangeland, enjoying sunshine and fresh air right here in the heart of Texas. We supplement their diet with Organic/verified Non-GMO Project feed. With a longer grow-out time and a diverse diet, we proudly offer nutrient dense, craft chicken with exceptional taste.

"A chicken worth eating tastes like a chicken that had a life worth living" - Maryn McKenna, Big Chicken