Our Staff


Not everyone can be the wife of a farmer. Though she never saw herself farming, Sara is loving it. She is the voice that keep Ty's dreamer thoughts grounded in reality (and keeps him sane!) Atticus, Scout, and Maya, our livestock guardians dogs, are never without love and cuddles, largely due to Sara.


Larry, Ty’s step-dad, is the day to day chicken tender. Mixing feed and hauling water for his feathery co-workers are a long way from his former profession in law enforcement; although, you could say he is the Chicken Sheriff!


Ty’s mom, Charlene, pitches in wherever she’s needed and sometimes where she’s not. Although bookkeeping is her primary contribution to the farm, she has been known to mix feed and help relocate the chicken coops to new foraging ground.


Chief Chicken Tender and the one crazy enough to convince his family to start a chicken farm. Same as other small business owners, Ty wears many hats: social media manager, delivery driver, coop designer, etc. Taking care of the environment and feeding people are what drive him.