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Harissa is a traditional spice of North Africa. The main ingredients are smoked paprika and a blend of peppers. It adds some smokiness and warmth to the chicken. The spice level is like chili powder so it is not hot. We add a little avocado oil and marinate breasts, boneless thighs, and drumsticks. They are ready to grill, bake, pan-fry or however you want to cook them!

Ingredients: Chicken, Avocado Oil, Spices - Paprika, Tomato Powder (Sun Dried Tomatoes, Sulfites), Chili Powder (Chile Peppers, Salt, Cumin, Oregano, Garlic), Sea Salt, Sumac, Spices, Aleppo Chiles, Garlic, Caraway, Vinegar Powder, African Bird's Eye Chiles, Rice Concentrate.


These harissa spiced chicken cuts come from chicken foraging on rangeland with Organic/verified Non-GMO Project feed, sunshine, and fresh air right here in the heart of Texas. The diversity of diet leads to a variety of high quality nutrients in the meat. Add to that the longer grow out time, and it is truly craft chicken with exceptional taste!

"A chicken worth eating tastes like a chicken that had a life worth living" - Maryn McKenna, Big Chicken